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Obsession It Takes Control


A shadow cast upon a wall is silhouette and nothing more but it’s all that’s left behind…

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1. When did you first hear Bastille’s music?

Spring 2013… I was on tumblr and I found in a playlist a song called Pompeii and I instantly fell in love with it :) so I checked out 3-5 other Bastille songs which I also really loved… 1 year later I thought I should check out the other songs as well.(don’t know why I’ve waited that long haha)  And than the obsession began… :)

2. What was the first bastille song you heard?


3. Fav song from “Bad Blood”? 

definitely These Streets

4. Fav song exclusively from “All this Bad Blood”?

Skulls… soo fucking amazing

5. Favorite cover?

BLUE JEANS from The Something Sessions

6. Fav song lyric?

I would say The Draw because there are so many interpretations of this song and everyone of them is perfect.. I personally love songs with deep/meaningful lyrics that get stuck in your head for a long long time and I think every Bastille song got a lyrics like that…but yeah the draw is my favorite :)

7. Fav live version of a song?

The Draw (again haha) yahoo springs session because you can hear the raw passion in his voice… amazing

8. Fav acoustic version of a song?

Of The Night on Digital Spy… so beautiful

9. Fav music video?

Bad Blood, if it was a film I would definitly watch…idk how to explain this :) but i also love pompeii because of the meaning and everything

10. Blame or Campus?

Blame <3

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And all the world will read you 
And you will live forever 

Do you know where I can purchase the jacket from Oblivion, Flaws and Bad Blood?


I think it was the jacket of a RYAN BAUNE who got it in the year 1998 so I guess there isn’t another one of it (why should this guy make two jackets with his name on it…) but you can create one that looks like it…unfortunately it’s very expensive.

these are 3 websites where you can make your own letterman/varsity jacket :)

the first one is:  jacketshop

Here’s a picture of the jacket I created:


second website:  varsityapparel

another example: ( you can’t see but these should be leather sleeves) 


third one:  teamvarsityjackets

It’s a website full of informations about letterman/varsity jackets and I guess you can also buy some more detailed Chenille patches and stuff like the “Lamp Of Learning” (or whatever this is called on his right sleeve) there.

Oh and if you got some more questions just go ahead and ask me

I hope this was helpful for you  :) <3

Can you fill the silence?…

I thought I have to share this Live Version of Skulls with you :) It was freaking amazing! sorry for the quality…

The Jacket

Thank you flying-too-close-to-bastille :) 

Hit shuffle on your iPod, media player, or phone and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people. One Rule: No Skipping

  1. Run - RHODES 
  2. Gooey - Glass Animlas
  3. Feeding Line - Boy & Bear
  4. Requiem For Blue Jeans - Bastille
  5. Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy
  6. Matilda - alt-J
  7. The Answer - Josh Kumra 
  8. Battles - Hudson Taylor
  9. No More Losing The War - Half Moon Run
  10. Take Me To Church - Hozier

now there are the links to the songs if you want to check them out :)

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